Animations Dancing Keira

Long before joining animation forces with me as a character designer, Keira Jade graciously served as a movement source for me to quite literally draw inspiration from through this piece. After capturing a short minute or 2 of Keira dancing around the living room in an ankle-length sleeping gown, I went in and hand-traced over 150 frames of the video footage for rotoscope manipulation. After creating all of the line drawings of Keira, I then individually treated each frame with pen, pencil, crayons, watercolor paints, markers and collaged materials to pull together the jazzy and lively visual effects shown above.


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2 Thumbs Up!

Two Thumbs Up for BDD from Carol Susi on Vimeo.

This informative animated short describes a unique medical anomaly called Brachydactyly Type D — also known by the abbreviated three-letter acronym 'BDD'. I actually inherited this anomaly from my grandmother on my father's side of the family. At the end of the day, you could probably just say I have big thumbs.

I decided to actually use my thumbs across the meta-narrative of the film to directly provide a visual example of just what we're talking about in the script.

You can read more about BDD up here on Wikipedia.


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Here comes weirb cat!

Weirb Cat from Carol Susi on Vimeo.

Keira Jade McNeil drew this picture of a weird cat while we were driving up to our house in Boxford one afternoon. She asked me from the back seat, 'How do you spell 'weird'?' and I slowly told her how to spell it out letter by letter. Keira's wonderful translation of the letter 'd' set the stage for this cute little feline character. I brought 'Weirb Cat' to life in AfterEffects.


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ThumBULLina from Carol Susi on Vimeo.

I choreographed this short clip to Ruth Brown's song 'If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sitting On It' by stitching together several video bits and pieces of our English Bulldog Thumbullina as she moved around chasing treats in our little make-shift home studio.


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Lighten The Mood

Lighten The Mood from Carol Susi on Vimeo.

I interviewed a variety of family members to ask the question, 'If you could have any super power, what would you want it to be?'. The audio recording of my husband's response became the narrative for 'Lighten The Mood'.


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Voices from Carol Susi on Vimeo.

I based this animation short on an excerpt from Giovanni Fontana's spoken word piece 'Il Gioco delle Voci' which loosely translates from the Italian into 'The Game of the Voices'. You can here all 3 parts of 'Il Gioco delle Voci' out on Ubu's collection of Sound Art and Design under Giovanni Fontani.


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